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Use the drop down menus below to customize your own replica Japanese license plate!
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License Plate Breakdown

In Japan, if you want to temporarily drive a car without valid inspection, you can get a temporary license plate. Temporary Japanese license plates are white with the distinct red slash through it and are valid for 3 days. The most common usage is so you can easily get your car to the mechanic or to the track.

These two Japanese letters, vertically aligned, indicate the prefecture (Japan is divided into 47 subdivisions or "prefectures"). In this case its "Osaka".

The red slash through the plate is to show it is a temporary plate.

The registration number consists of two numerals, a hyphen, and two numerals.

These Japanese characters indicate the municipality. In our case it says "Senseless".

Examples of cars with temporary Japanese plates:

Japanese Temp Plate 1.JPG
JP Zilla s2000 Japanese Plate.jpg
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